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About Us 

MyClubStuff is a family run business, and essentially is the outcome of our family’s involvement, over many years, with our own local rugby club.  We have experienced, first hand, the frustrations felt, by the limited options available to our club, both from our perspective as parents of a junior player and also from the organisers perspective too.  So we combined that personal understanding, with our many years of experience in the branded merchandise industry, to provide a solution in MyClubStuff. Whilst we may not be very good at talking about ourselves, we do like to talk about how we would like to help your club too.

So when you set up your MyClubStuff shop, not only are we here to offer support and advice, to make sure your shop works for your members, but you can also be assured that you have the expertise of our many years in the branding & merchandise industry, behind your shop too.

We know just how much work goes into running any kind of club or group, so if we can ease that burden in any way, we will.



Frequently Asked Questions 

Is setting up a shop a complicated process?  Is there a lot of work needed by the Club to set it up? 

The club just needs to pick their range of products, from the hundreds available in our catalogue, supply us with the club logo and MyClubStuff does everything else

How does the club earn money from the sale of these items?

As a minimum, the club can earn a basic commission, on each sale.  In addition, the retail price is decided by the club, so anything charged above MyClubStuff's wholesale price, would be profit for the clubI

How long will it be, before the online store is avaIlable for members to buy from? 

Once the products have been decided and agreed, we should have your online store ready in 7-10 days

Is there a limit to the type of products that are available? 

The type of products really does depend on what you think your members would need. It's not just clothing, you can include equipment, accessories and even gift items like teddy bears.  You are not limited to the items currently on display in our catalogue, we have access to many more products, just let us know what you need

Does our club have to be a certain size, or have a certain number of members? 

No, if you think that this is a service that your members would use, then your online store can be set up

Is there a minimum amount or minimum quantity, that the members have to purchase? 

Each product is sold as an individual item and delivered direct to the buyer.  If they only need one thing, than that is all that they need to buy. There is no minimum

Who handles customers queries and enquiries on the products?

MyClubStuff - our contact details are published on the site and we are happy to handle all enquiries, in regards to the products

What if we want to place a bulk order for something, an event or a tour?

We can deal with that completely seperately, and still add that to the store for easy handling, if preferred.  Just fill in the request form or give us a call with what you need and we can discuss the many options available for your club.

What if we already have a contract in place for our playing kit?

You can still have your store, stocked with a different range of products, available for the supporters, or for additional training kit for the players, for example


If you have any further questions, not answered here, please feel free to give us a call.  We will be happy to answer any queries & clarify any details 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or queries, about starting your own online store, or about the products you want to sell there, please feel free to send an e-mail or give us a call 

We can respond within normal working hours, and we try to make sure that we have responded to e-mails within 24 hours


 028 25861058

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