This is a personal one, but something I think is worth saying - I'm just going to set the scene for you:-

So, Saturday was a big day, it was a Big Match. The match that was going to be the one that would get us to the final atKingspan – after 8 years of trying.  But we lost – apparently on a technicality too, but the result was the same – we wouldn’t be going to play in the final at Kingspan!


Now I didn’t see the match personally, (because of match superstition, I didn’t go) so when I hadn’t had a text about the result, I kind of knew what that meant.  But I made my way to the club, with a fair idea of what to expect when I got there. Imagine my surprise then, to be greeted by a group of players, coaches and supporters, smiling, laughing and generally having a good time.  There were no commiserations needed here it seemed!

Now it may have been the sunshine that put everybody in a good mood.  But do you know what, I think it was the fact that they knew they had all given it their best shot and they were proud of themselves. As far as this bunch of 18 year olds were concerned, it was a Saturday afternoon, the sun was shining, they were with their mates, in one of their favourite places and the volume on the music was getting cranked up

So, it got me thinking, you know the old saying - ‘It isn’t about winning, it’s the taking part that counts’ – is that true? 

Right then as I looked around, I didn’t think it could have been more true.   I watched them all enjoying themselves, despite what I know was a crushing blow for them - and I have never been prouder.  I thought my son would need consoling. He didn’t really.  But I gave him a hug anyway and told him I was proud of him – and I meant it, it wasn’t an empty platitude.

So that is the season finished and for some of them, maybe their involvement with the game.  They may go on to a University that doesn’t play or get a job that means they don’t have the time, or just generally live their life in a different way.  Some will continue playing, but it won’t be with the same team mates that they have played with since they were all just boys and now grown into men.  Friendships have been made in this team, that will last them for years, maybe forever.


If you were wondering though, I  did ask that question of some of the team 'is it about the winning?' and their answer was an emphatic Yes! Which is what I would expect.

But for me looking from the outside in, it wasn’t. It was and still is, all about the taking part!  



The 3 most common reasons why a sports club has its own club shop

Every day we are delighted to be able to help a club see the benefits of having their own club shop.  Here we share just 3 of the main reasons why clubs choose to have their own coordinated range of merchandise available for sale.

Before you start to dread the thought of any extra work involved in running a club shop, let’s just say that we know, from our own personal experience, how much time and commitment is needed to coach & run any team.  Organising an order for the playing kit, once a year, can be enough of a hassle. So, you may be thinking that a club merchandise shop, is something only run by clubs who have more time and maybe more money.  But we are going to show how easily your club can have their own online club store – without any hassle, stress or extra work for you.     

First, let’s see just a couple of reasons as to how personalised club merchandise helps a team. 

1. Support & Recognition

When you are participating or competing in something, it is a terrific boost to have supporters on the sidelines , cheering and encouraging you on.   But what if you don’t know that they are there for you? If the supporters are showing their team colours, they can be instantly recognised and that really lifts the mood of the team, before, during and after the match!

2. Community

Then, give some thought as to why those same fans want to show their support.  Why do they want to be recognised as a follower of that team or player?  Is it because they like to feel part of the wider team community? Yes, it is.  They want to declare their allegiance and show their interest.  Everybody likes to feel included, feel like you are part of the gang.

Giving your supporters something to wear or wave with the team crest on, is an easy way for them to associate with their team.  They are now emotionally investing in that team, as well as financially.  The club members feel part of the community, the team feels supported and the club has its own identity.

3. Fundraising

Now we can’t avoid talking about money and costs.  If you play, if your child plays, if you run or cycle, whatever your sport is, if you are a  member of an organised club, it is going to have expenses.  If it’s anything like our club, there is a kit that needs to be supplied, equipment bought, buses for away matches and many more expenses that we don’t even see - and the clubs organisers need to find ways of raising money to pay for all those expenses. 

Organising events and fundraising activities is likely a constant occupation at your club, it certainly is at ours.  But it is time-consuming and can be a right hassle.

Selling your own club merchandise isn’t a mercenary commercial enterprise, it’s just like any other fundraising activity – and supporters are glad to help.  Giving them a tangible product in exchange for their donation, is a more attractive option, than waving a bucket under their nose for some spare change.  

Fundraising events are still great for the club in lots of ways, but having your own club shop can be another revenue source too, and actually requires much less work!


So, club gear is so much more than just the playing kit, and merchandising can play an important role in helping create a sense of community.

Selling your club gear doesn’t have to be stressful, time-consuming or expensive either.  We've got an innovative and modern way for you to run your own shop without any fuss or hassle, especially when you consider that we handle every part of the process for you. 

We start by setting up a customised online club shop with your chosen merchandise range, where your members can now buy from.  Then we handle all the orders as they come in and dispatch directly to your buyer.  So, there is no work required by you, at all.

Your club earns revenue on every sale, the club builds a sense of community, you don’t have to buy any stock and we do all the work – what is not to like about that? 

Talk to us today about how this will benefit your club, no matter how big or small your membership! 

3 reasons to have a Sports Club shop

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